About Us

Milstar Gear is a family owned business dedicated to providing Trauma Kits and supplies, giving you what you really need in an emergency — and none of the extra ‘fluf’ you often find in store-bought kits.


Meet Our Team

Blake Seaman

Blake Seaman studied to be an EMT before changning careers. He is now an Information Technology executive, author, and classical composer. His music is available on all major streaming platforms. Blake is also an avid sports shooter and Tea aficionado. He and his family reside in Fort Worth, TX.

Accipiter War Book Series

Blake and Patrick are the co-authors of the epic Accipiter War Military Science Fiction book series available on audiobook and in paperback, hardcover, Kindle and ePub.

Patrick Seaman
Patrick Seaman

Patrick Seaman is an Information Technology executive, author, entrepreneur,, consultant, Internet pioneer, and former Publisher, Like Blake, Patrick is also an avid sports shooter. Patrick resides in Fort Worth, TX.