IFAK Medium – Horizontal Molle Kit


Product Details

Introducing the IFAK Medium (Individual First Aid Kit), a compact, life-saving solution designed for immediate response in emergency situations. This kit combines critical medical supplies in a horizontally mounted grey molle pouch, ensuring both portability and rapid accessibility. Ideal for personal use, outdoor adventurers, and first responders, this kit is engineered to provide the essentials needed for trauma care in the field.

Kit Contents:

  • North American Rescue Gen7 CAT-T Tourniquet: 1 – Externally mounted for quick access, this tourniquet is crucial for stopping severe limb bleeding.
  • North American Rescue Premium Trauma Shears: 1 – Designed to cut through clothing and gear quickly, facilitating fast and efficient emergency care.
  • North American Rescue Compressed Gauze: 1 – For packing wounds and controlling bleeding, this gauze is a staple in trauma response.
  • North American Rescue S-Roll Gauze: 1 – Flexible and easy to use, this gauze is ideal for securing dressings and managing various injuries.
  • Chest Seals: 2 – Essential for treating penetrating chest injuries, these seals help prevent tension pneumothorax.
  • Sharpie: For recording the time of tourniquet application directly on the tourniquet or patient, an important step in trauma management.

This kit is housed in a horizontally mounted grey molle pouch, designed for efficient organization and rapid deployment. The external mounting of the North American Rescue Gen7 CAT-T Tourniquet ensures that critical equipment is available at a moment’s notice without the need to search through the kit.

Compact, comprehensive, and ready for immediate use, the IFAK Individual First Aid Kit is an essential component for anyone serious about preparedness and response in emergency situations. Whether you’re a professional first responder, an outdoor enthusiast, or simply committed to safety, this kit provides the tools necessary to address trauma effectively and swiftly.

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